Roadside Assistance Coverage

All new BMW bikes sold in Finland benefit from Roadside Assistance Coverage in the first three years of ownership. This is to offer you peace of mind for any unforeseen events. After the initial three year coverage, the Roadside Assistance coverage can be prolonged for up to ten years by following the service schedule at an authorized BMW Motorrad service workshop.

Our experienced multilingual staff are on hand to help provide 24-hour support, 365 days a year in the event you require assistance. They’ll look to help you on the phone in the first instance to try and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

We’ll arrange additional assistance when a bike is immobilized. ‘immobilized’ means an electrical or mechanical breakdown, tire punctures, road traffic accidents, lost keys, misfuelling, damage, or destruction by fire, theft, or vandalism.

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Transport To The Nearest BMW Workshop

We ensure that your motorcycle is transported to the nearest BMW workshop or to your preferred BMW workshop if the additional distance is under 100km.

Minor Mishaps

We are happy to help solve minor problems like misplaced keys, tire punctures, running out of gas, or if the wrong type of petrol has been used to refuel. However, we cannot be responsible for the costs of assistance that can occur in such cases.

Continued Journey With Taxi

If you need to order a taxi in connection with downtime, we will replace the cost of one or more taxi journeys: (total max. EUR 80).

Hotel Stay Or Rental Car

If you have to stay overnight due to downtime, we will be responsible for the hotel costs for you and any passengers until the motorcycle is repaired for a maximum of four nights, (hotels of maximum four-star ratings are permitted) provided the downtime has taken place further than 100km away from your home. Alternatively, we take care of the costs of a rental car until the repairs have been completed. In Finland: for a maximum of three working days plus one weekend; abroad: for a maximum of five working days plus one weekend.

Mobility Without Interruption

To ensure your mobility without interruption, in addition to the above service commitments, we offer the following services either individually or in combination.

If circumstances require, we take care of the cost of your continued journey or journey home by train or flight - up to up to a maximum of EUR 650 per downtime.

In Some Cases We Also Drive Your BMW Home

If the downtime has occurred overseas, we will make sure your motorcycle is brought home to you. Conditions: the repair time, from the arrival of the motorcycle to the workshop until it is estimated to be repaired is five or more working days.