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The BMW CE 02 AM

Simplify Your Journey

Today marks a new chapter in urban mobility. With the CE 02 reduced power model, your daily commute becomes effortlessly accessible. No motorcycle license required—just your AM or regular car (B) license. Glide through the city at a comfortable 45 km/h with a range perfect for day-to-day tasks. This fully electric, easy-to-maneuver model is your key to unlocking the city in style. Lightweight and stylish, the CE 02 transforms your approach to city life, all while you enjoy the ride. Get ready to be #PluggedToLife.

Time to move

Hop on

The CE 02 is easy to ride for almost everyone. As with a 50 cc moped, you can start riding with an AM motorcycle licence as early as age 16. You can also ride it with a car driving licence or an A1 motorcycle licence.

Enter the playground

The CE 02 breaks all the rules. Playful elements make it an eye-catcher – this is what riding fun looks like. Visually loud and electrically quiet at the same time. Revolutionary. Iconic. Being environmentally conscious can be stylish.

Explore the city

Electric moped? Pedelec? Electric scooter? Nope! The eParkourer is the icon of the new Urban Mobility scene. It moves through the city like a traceur. Fast, agile, creative. And takes it by the storm.

The unmistakeable eParkourer


Create the day. Explore the city.


The design of a new generation

Ideas non-stop

You shape the day; your eParkourer shapes the ambiance. Wherever you go, you will be seen. That progressive style shows. You're already on your way to the next big thing. Time to move on.

Cosmic black

Black and bold – your statement. The CE 02 comes with Cosmic black paintwork and a monochrome black seat as standard. Granite grey metallic sets cool contrasts, the tape design looks fresh.

Cosmic black 2

Equipped with the Highline package, the CE 02 becomes even more extroverted: with exclusive paintwork in Cosmic black 2, 3-colour motorcycle seat and 22 tapes, including rim tape set. The gold-coloured fork takes it to the next level.

A Piece of street art

The long, low seat seems to float above the iconic disc wheels. This striking silhouette is instantly recognisable. Those who prefer something more exclusive can choose the optional Highline package. In addition to the more expressive design, this includes the highly integrated SP Connect smartphone holder. The additional third riding mode accelerates the pulse, and the heated grips provide additional riding comfort in windy conditions. The external 1,500 W quick charger for the 11 kW version gets you ready to go again faster. And the Backend Connectivity makes your everyday life easier.

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Jump on and run

Jump on and run

Everything about the CE 02 is designed for easy handling and maximum riding pleasure. With Keyless Ride, you simply jump on and off you go. Thanks to its low weight from 120 kg, you always have everything under control. A virtually maintenance-free toothed-belt drive has you moving efficiently. With numerous highlights in terms of technology, comfort and connectivity, the eParkourer gives you maximum support on your way to the next location.

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High-end equipment

Highly integrated smartphone holder with SP Connect technology
The highly integrated smartphone holder of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad
Perfectly tuned riding modes
The three riding experience modes SURF, FLOW and FLASH of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad
Stylish Pro seat
The motorcycle seat of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad
The latest LED technology
The LED light of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad
Electric reverse gear
The electric reverse gear of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad
Iconic rear wheel swinging arm
The rear wheel swinging arm of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad
Smart connectivity functions
The handlebar control of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad
3.5" micro TFT display
The TFT display of the eParkourer CE 02 from BMW Motorrad

The ultimate means of transport for a new generation


Time to have fun

Use the buttons on the handlebars to select one of the riding experience modes and define how you roll. SURF stands for maximum coasting and chilled-out gliding. Choose FLOW to move along seamlessly with the traffic. The Highline package includes a third mode: FLASH. The name says it all: with a catapult start and maximum energy recovery, you'll be the first one off when the lights go green – give yourself the ultimate thrill and always be the first to arrive.

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3 years' peace of mind

Ride on and on and on. We give you an extra year. 

As of right now, you receive an extra year's worth of peace of mind in addition to the statutory warranty period when you purchase a motorcycle. 

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Energy till late into the night

kW (5,36 hp) maximum output
km range as per WMTC (minimum)
seconds from 0 to 45 km/h
minutes from 20% to 80% with the quick charger (Highline package or optional accessories 11 kW) at maximum charge current
Air-cooled synchronous machine

Resting time is charging time

Resting time is charging time

You know exactly when it's time to switch off and recharge your batteries. This is the perfect time to recharge the CE 02 as well. Just like your smartphone, you simply recharge it at a domestic socket outlet. You can charge the 4 kW version from 20% to 80% in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Fully charged, the 4 kW version can cover up to 50 kilometres – more than enough for all your plans.

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More style. More freedom. More versatility.

More style. More freedom. More versatility.

The eParkourer adapts to your lifestyle. Want it even more eye-catching, even more stylish? Or do you prefer to enjoy more freedom and ride to the lake perfectly equipped? Perhaps you want to be out and about as often as possible and need it to be more weatherproof and practical? Take a look at our customisation suggestions for your CE 02.

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