Ride Nordic Offroad School

Ride Nordic live for adventures on motorcycles, whether it is weekend trips in Scandinavia or year-long adventure across foreign continents. The motorcycle is a tool that takes us to places we would otherwise not have the opportunity to visit, and the roads taking us there are not always paved. Ride Nordic offer first class rider training on gravel that both Ride Nordic and BMW Motorrad has put their stamp of quality on. Ride Nordic is an official BMW Motorrad training center and follow the BMW Motorrad education plan for offroad rider training, but you are of course equally welcome regardless of the brand and model of your motorcycle, Touratech's trainings are for everyone. The trainings are arranged at Ride Nordic's training centre in Lidköping.

You will get to know the body and soul of off-road basic riding techniques – this is more than just the basics. Offroad, on steep slopes, on muddy single trails, across rooted forest paths, narrow trails, ruts and small but beautiful ups and downs, you will train on the latest GS models. The Offroad-Training will also have a positive impact on your riding in urban traffic. And in small groups, riding pleasure with like-minded souls is guaranteed. Offroad-Training means: a wide grin on your face.

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Trainings & booking

Ride Nordic's rider trainings are aimed at anyone who wants to become a better and safer rider on gravel. From beginners who don’t want to have to turn around when facing a gravel road, to anyone wishing to learn how to handle sand riding and power slides. You can learn a lot even if you ride mainly on asphalt. We start from scratch and focus on balance and technique. Gradually, we continue with more challenging exercises. You will get individual feedback from our instructors throughout the trainings, and exercises are adapted to challenge everyone. Each rider has something they feel a little uncertain about, it may be breaking on gravel, riding downhills, rutts or dropping your motorcycle. During the training you will learn how to handle all this and much more.

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Ride you own motorcycle or one of Ride Nordic's new BMW GS models

The trainings are suitable for all off-road and adventure motorcyclists, and you are welcome regardless of brand and model of your motorcycle. You can ride your own motorcycle or any of Ride Nordic's new BMW GS models. All you need to participate is a driver’s license for heavy motorcycle. All Ride Nordic's bikes are fully insured and the vehicle damage excess is a maximum of 10.000 SEK. You only have to pay if you cause a damage that requires repair. Minor scratches or scuffs caused by falling over or dropping the bike are normally not charged for.

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Which course should I choose?

For you to get as complete education as possible our strongest recommendation is that you start with BASIC before you continue with ADVANCED.

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Suitable motorcycles.