Knee pads

The knee pads in the style of the 1969 R 75/5 perfectly fit the R nineT and create even more vintage feeling. They protect the surface of the tank when the rider is leaning on it heavily with their legs in a bend, and also improve the riding experience.

Product Details

  • Authentic look and feel with embossed BMW Motorrad trademark.
  • Dimensions: left 170 x 310 mm, right 115 x 260 mm
  • Material thickness: 4 mm.
  • Weather, oil and temperature resistant, including fixing with double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Original equipment of the special model R nineT/5.

Part Number: 77319446922

Price incl VAT

75 € *

*Recommended retail price. Local dealer prices may differ from the prices listed here. Price does not include obligatory attachment parts and therefore may be higher. Cost for workshop hours will be added by the dealer.